WARCRAFT Movie Premiere

June 7, 2016


Warcraft Movie premiere is also in my town, in Prishtina! OMG! It’s the movie that i am waiting for years, I’m so excited and i have mixed feelings about it. I know i am going to like it very much, but in the other side i just hope it does not fail me in some way ( that i doubt). Also it is going to be a nice gathering of old friends, some that I did not see for a long time. We already reserved the spots at Kino ABC where the premiere will be held. I am cheering for the ALIANCE but lets see how the cinema will be divided, will there be too much horde? Will I need to cast corruption on someone? Should I use our old SECURITY Guild trick and /spit on the horde?? Hahah, I am really looking forward to watch the movie. Also it’s the holy month of Ramadan so I will be fasting there during the movie if it is from 20:00, so I think I will break fast during the movie so it is Hurma + Water + Warcraft all the way!

If you did not see the Trailers until now for the movie, check them out below, cheers!


Warcraft Movie premiere po shfaqet edhe ne qytetin tem, ne Prishtine! OMG! Ky film, osht njo prej filmave qe jom ty e prit me vite, jom shum excited edhe diqysh kom ndjenja mikse per to. E di qe ka mem pelqy filmi shume, po ne anen tjeter po thom mos pahiri dikun pom fail me naj rast (qe dyshoj shume). Plus ka mu kon ni mledhi shume najs e shokve te vjeter qe si kom pa qe sa kohe do do. I kena rezervu venet ne Kino ABC ku premiera ka mu majt. Une per veti deri ne vdekje me ALIANCE po te kqyrim a po ndahet kinemaja, a po ka edhe horde shume? A duhet me cast corruption te najkush? Ose duhet me perdor foren e SECURITY Guild te mocme edhe me /spit krejt hordat??? Hahahah, spom pritet me kqyr filmin. Gjithashtu osht edhe Ramazan kshtu qe ninushem duhet me qene gjat filmit nese ja nis prej ores 20:00, kshtu qe pi bjen qe me prish gjat filmit, Hurma + Uje + Warcraft gjith!

Nese si keni pa Trailers deri tash cka kan dal per film, mundeni mi pa poshte, cheers!


( All Trailers & Clips)

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