My first NFT

FuGaA “Te Dhena Mbi Autorin” 2004

This is my first original NFT. And what is interesting with this NFT is that this is created in 2004 with Macromedia Flash as a part of advertising for my first album. But this “banner” never got released. I always find myself a visionary and a futuristic person, and always believed in small formats of audio-video files like this.

This is the 1st one. I have also another one, both are posted on my Instagram. What is interesting with this one, is that this was actually the photo that ended up being the cover of my first album. You can listen to my album on all music streaming platforms “FuGaA” is my name and the album is called “Te Dhena Mbi Autorin”. The soundtrack on this NFT is the instrumental from the song “Ska Mu Nal” which was the biggest hit of this album and also my 1st music video ever! “Ska mu nal” is actually one of the oldest videos on youtube in the Albanian language.

The price is high on this one, but it is on purpose. I want this legacy item to contribute to new creations, that is why with the sale of this item I will be able to finish the 2nd album that I started after a 10-year pause. So buying this item will directly contribute towards doing new songs, music videos, and amazing pieces of art!

Best, FuGaA.