Hello! Sorry i was quite busy, plus the month of Ramadan fasting , so i was a little bit passive with blog posts. But lots of things were happening! I made actually one more song, and now it looks that i will be releasing two video music projects.  But the best news is that i will be attending KOMFO SUMMIT 2016 as a speaker this year! It is a huge step for me since it is my 1st time to be as a speaker on a conference, and i am over hyped! I cant wait to do the presentation and really share my experience with others! The Summit will be also live streamed as usual, so you will be able to see it via the internet also. I will keep you updated with more information soon! Until the next blog post, see ya, and my best regards! Bye Bye!

The official page of the KOMFO SUMMIT.


Hello! Mfalni po kam qene kogja nxan , plus muaji i Ramazanit ty agjeru, kshtu qe kam qene pasiv me postime ne blog. Por, shume sene kan ndodhe! E kam punu edhe nje kang te re, edhe si duket tash duhet mi lansu dy video projekte muzikore. Por lajmi me i mire eshte qe do te jeme pjesmarres ne KOMFO SUMMIT 2016 si foles ne konference! Eshte nje hap i madh per mua, pasiqe eshte hera e pare qe jam foles ne nje konference, edhe the hype is real!! Mezui pres te bej prezentimin dhe te ndaj experiencen time me tjeret! Summiti do te jete gjithashtu livestream si gjithnje, keshtu qe do ta keni mundesine ta shikoni permes internetit gjithashtu. Do te ju mbaj update me informata te tjera! Deri ne postimin tjeter, shihemi, e te gjitha te mirat! Tung tung!

Faqja oficiale e KOMFO SUMMIT.