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Hip Hop Mc Kresha Lyrical Son Ledri

ENG: Hip Hop Mc Kresha Lyrical Son Ledri come back as one! Really, its so relaxing to hear a hip hop tune like this. I mean, a real hip hop tune! With the industry being real shitty now days for my opinion this is the most original song i have heard in a long time. […]

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Rambo Blunt & Real

ENG Rambo Blunt Real get together to shake this summer with this amazing tune! I mean, the 1st time asap i pressed play, i heard that the song is going to be here for a long time! All of the elements , the music, the lyrics and the video are top noch and really fitting […]

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New FuGaA News

ENG New FuGaA News, what to say first, what to say?!!? Lots of new news! First of all, as you can see I have updated my website with a new design, since i want to make it more dynamic, add my portfolio of projects that i have done and participated, also as you can see […]

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