Development Outreach & Communication Assistant (Social Media) - USAID Kosovo

Jul 2018 to Present

Main duties include but are not limited to:
-Management of Social Media Channels of the USAID mission in Kosovo to increase user engagement towards the mission channels. Including paid campaigns budgeting, creation, optimization, and management.
-Creation of digital assets, photo, and video (e.g. Social media posts, social media videos, pictograms, info-graphs, etc). Including video pre and post-production, video recording, photo-shooting, video editing, photo correction, and other post-production tasks regarding content.
-Curating real-time, 24 hours, social media channels including responding to social media inquiries and comments.
Providing reports regarding social media channels performance to mission front office.
-Coordinating and planning events with the rest of the Development Outreach and Communications team.
-Planning and executing taskers related to specific campaigns. (I.E. “20th Anniversary Campaign”)
-Assisting the Embassy Public Affairs team with different taskers (i.e. VIP / Ambassador Event Photography) upon request.

-Leading the creative team of video, graphic, and 3d professionals to assist the product and sales teams with different creative
-Providing and supporting the overall team during its preparations for the second Kickstarter campaign and launch of the HELLO 2
product line.
-Leading the creative team to develop the landing pages for the new products and also making sure that the current web presence
is up to date.
-Leading the digital creative team of social media professionals to ensure steady social media growth and also channel and
audience growth hacking for upcoming product launches, including content creation.
-Collaborating with data scientists to develop new approaches towards paid advertising and audience growth using academic
marketing frameworks.

-Developed and managed the strategy for Facebook audience growth and engagement. Audience growth from 35k to 50k within the first 6 months, followed by a 100% growth and overpassing 100,000 likes in the next 12 months.
-Collaborated with DigitasLBi to do a new brand visual guide book following a new website redesign project that resulted in a top-notch booking website centered around easy user experience.
-Collaborated with KOMFO and their dedicated customer success team to manage social media channels via their platform and ensure the most optimal ad spend per result.
-Collaborated with Revolt Agency to create innovative content for Social Media, including the “Digital Bites” that were content based on user microdata. The content got international media attention.
-Collaborated with Cineplexx Kosovo cinema on launch to do an exclusive auditorium take-over branded with “Air Prishtina”. Following exclusive social media movie ticket giveaways.
-Collaborated with Base Agency to launch an exclusive image campaign that resulted in getting over 1M Facebook views in the main ad video, following it with an exclusive tailored social media campaign. The campaign was extended and connected with the Euro 2016 tournament, that part of the campaign was requested to be presented in the Komfo Summit due to its innovative approach.
-Created CSR campaigns for New Years’ delivering custom gift packages to children with special needs.
-Conceptualized and Managed the creation of a new product for the company, “Time to Discover” tours, offering one-week all-inclusive experiences in Kosovo and Macedonia for international travelers.



2012 to present

SCUTA Gaming is created to be the 1st professional Gaming Community and eSports Organization in Kosova.


Founding Member & Artist - INFINIT Records

2003 to present

INFINIT RECORDS, is one of the oldest labels and hiphop organisations in Kosovo. Since 2003 we delivered a new unique experience to our listeners with ice-breaking beats,lyrics and shows.
INFINIT RECORDS has produced many albums, artists, collaborations, music for our core artists and also the elite of the music industry in Kosovo/Albania.

Our core members include artists like:
Da Ghost
Ekrem Gj.
Albanian Link

ESL Hearthstone Admin - ESL / Turtle Entertainment


ESL Administrator for Ranked/Ladder/League/Cup Referee Trainee in the Hearthstone section of ESL.

Marketing Manager - INFIPLAY


Marketing Manager for the Europe Releases.

My job position is for our Europe game releases and includes:

Writing Marketing Briefs
Writing Promotional Briefs
Giving Presentations
Briefing Agencies and others
Reviewing marketing offers
Monitoring a campagin’s progress
Compiling marketing strategies

Digital Marketing Specialist - R&M Communications


My Position Includes:

Digital Marketing Development & Cordination
Audio / Video Conceptualising & Cordination
General Creative Input
Research & Research proposals

Digital Marketing Specialist - Zero Pozitive Publicis


Zero Pozitive Publicis has derived from the first advertising agency in Kosovo established in 1999.

Six years later, in 2005 Zero Pozitive LLC was established to deliver comprehensive marketing communication services in Kosovo and Albania.

In 2006 Zero Pozitive was accredited as The Associate Agency of the Publicis Worldwide Network. Today, Zero Pozitive Publicis is the fastest growing marketing communications firm in Kosovo.

My Position Includes:

Digital Marketing Development & Cordination
Audio / Video Conceptualising & Cordination
General Creative Input
Research & Research proposals

Chief Creative Director - ENTERMEDIA Creative Agency


-Created 84+ concept scripts for Award-Winning Music Videos.
-Created 15+ concept scripts for different brand commercials.
-Assisted the main director during production and supervised the VFX & editing team to ensure the delivery of our creative ideat-to-screen approach with all video products.
-Executed the role of casting director, interviewing over 800 candidates and coordinating them as the 2nd assistant director during the “Kosovo Young Europeans” video project that is the biggest to date domestically.
-Managed VIP Artist client relations to ensure the most efficient client time management, product quality, and service satisfaction. Contributing also as an executive producer, lyricist, and consultant in several music projects.
-Co-developed a strategic growth plan with initial owners that resulted in the creation of several specialized sister companies and upgrading the initial company from a partnership to a group level.

You Can View Most of The Projects here:

Server and Mobility Sales And Presales Specialist - COMTRADE Computers


From a PC Service Position to Sales then Server and Mobility Sales and Presales Specialist, my position included consulting clients to get their maximum performance via our FujitsuSiemens Products.
From Mobility Tablets,SmartPhones,Laptops to High End Server Solutions


Diagnostics at Digital Marketing Institute

Score = 77.8%

General Digital Marketing / Questions:54 / Score:77.8%
Social / Questions:29 / Score:79.3%
Quick Diagnostic / Questions:12 / Score:75.0%

Microsoft Certified Professional

May 2003

Microsoft Certified Professional ID: 296527

Cisco Networking Academy Program Semesters 1 and 2

November 2001

Certiicate#: 145751-498566-562770

Personal Computer Apllication Cosisting of : WINDOWS 95

November 1996

COMTRADE Computers Certificate


Staffordshire University


Business Management and Enterpreneurship

Transfered from Albanian Courses at Riinvest University to Staffordshire University Programe at Riinvest College

Business Management and Enterpreneurship
The BA (Hons) Business Management and Entrepreneurship award aims to develop the students knowledge of established theories in the field of Entrepreneurial management. The award offers an opportunity for students to develop a critical perspective on the application of these theories in the context of enterprising initiatives, which take account of the dynamic changing business environment, and the complexities of operating within different organizational cultural settings.

Riinvest University



Re -stared Economics in Riinvest private University, finished 1st year full good grades, got involved in major projects and reorganization in the company and now i partially do exam after exam. Currently on the 2nd year and continuing..

University of Prishtina




Compteded 1st Year with very good grades then i left because of the economical situation i had to work.

Xhevdet Doda High School



Natural and Math Sciences

Extra Activities: Xhevdet Doda IT Student Group


Creativity is the base upon which all my skills are based, constant contact with the artistic and gaming world opens a new spectrum of creative thinking each day.

Creative Writing
Social Media Management
Digital Marketing
Lyrics Writing
eSports Team & Event Management
Executive Music Producing