ABOUT Ardian FuGaA Kurtolli

Hello! I am Ardian FuGaA Kurtolli from Prishtina, Kosovo. Most people know me either from my Artistic Career as a rapper or from my Gaming Career as a Gamer and community contributor. But few have information about my professional career and how I evolved from a Tech Freak to a Creative Director to a Professional Marketer. You can read about me as a Marketer, Artist, and Gamer in the sections below.


I was lucky to have a computer, and access to games and applications of all kinds during pre-war Kosovo. That made my connection with computers a natural connection since I was a young kid. By the age of 10, I knew Pascal and already had Dos and Windows 95 Certifications. As a 13-year-old, I was also the publisher of the 1st e-zine in Albanian called “Dardania Nentoka Digjitale” which had a lifespan of only 4 issues since the political situation in Kosovo and the Kosovo War. After the war in 1999, I join Comtrade Computers as a technical assistant. Very soon after that I was certified as a Microsoft Certified Professional and had two semesters of the Cisco CCNA Academy. Later on, I advanced as a Product Specials and Sales/Presales Consultant for Mobility and Server Solutions for the Fujitsu-Siemens Brand. In 2008 I switch industries since I feel that my creativity is left behind with too much technical work. I started working as a Creative Director in Entermedia and there we did magic for 4 years in a row producing over 84 Award-Winning Music Videos. In 2012, ZeroPozitive Publicis becomes my new workplace. I worked there as a Digital Marketing  Specialist until May 2014 when I join a fresh new agency with a fresh new team “R&M Communications “.In 2015 I enter Air Prishtina as a Marketing Manager and currently, I hold that position, totally lovin’ it! Doing an awesome Digital Transformation to the company and also refreshing the approach of marketing in the Kosovo Market. Also expanding my further knowledge in Digital Marketing specifically but also in creative thinking. My experience in the Tech, Marketing, and Entertainment industry makes me starve for innovations second after second.


Starting as a young boy listening Ice Cubes “Check yourself”, FuGaA started 1st steps in rapping angry by the rap culture that flowed in Kosova.FuGaA in 2003 united with Infinit Records and debuted 1st with disses, following his 1st Debute album “te dhena mbi autorin” in 2005, His 1st video single “Ska mu nal” left a mark in the TV’s and was crowned with 2 awards in the 2007 Video-Fest . FuGaA then goes to electro hip-hop beats in 2008 making “Electro” which is featuring the RnB artist Bubulina Krasniqi, mentioning on the song that these are 2010 beats that will follow. The revolution and trend movements in hip-hop come in Kosovo too especially the electro style comes into the mainstream during 2010.FuGaA’s organized professional comeback comes into play in 2010 with releasing of the 2 collaborations with Flori “Making Of” and Elvana “Mamani Nejen”.In 2014 FuGaA releases a hit single with Dj AndyGramm “ZERO” and later on with the fellow crew members from Infinit Records on behalf of their 10th anniversary they release the album INFI10 on a worldwide free web release at www.infi10.com.As far as the future projects are concerned, I am currently in the final stages of finishing my second album that consists of 15 tracks and will be released in early 2022.


Gaming entered my soul when I was very young, i was one of the lucky kids in Kosovo to have relatives that were involved in the Tech-Industry so I had games in front of me since the Karateka era followed by Wolfenstein 3d, Mortal Kombat’s, Heretic, Zeliard, Prince and Supaplex and many more. After the war in Kosovo gaming started to grow so FuGaA grew as a gamer with it. Created and Managed CounteStrike and WoW teams/guilds with an international reputation. Now the founder of the first Gaming Company in Kosovo “Scuta Gaming”. With “Scuta Gaming”, FuGaA managed to put the flag of Kosovo for the 1st time in an international e-sports event during ESWC2012 main event in Paris where our Dota2 team had to compete against the worlds, top teams.I was also a Blizzard official Innkeeper and organized a few local Hearthstone Gatherings, in this time also an ESL referee in the Hearthstone section. To contribute to the community I also did my MBA dissertation on the topic of “The importance of a well-developed organisational structure for esports organisations: A perspective from Kosovo esports teams and organisations”. I casually stream at www.twitch.tv/fugaa


I would like his work to speak for itself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqTMbK0rd1w

This TV commercial was a major breakthrough for my company Prishtina Golf, it generated lots of interest, and helped place Prishtina Golf at the exact audience I intended on reaching. Working with Ardian has been an absolute pleasure, I absolutely enjoyed every bit of his creativity.(November 8, 2011, Edona was Ardian’s client)

Edona Kurtolli Alija – Project management and communication professional

Ardian has taken up the challenge of putting together many hundreds of people for our Kosovo ad. It wasn’t an easy task in a place with yet very little experience and no talent agencies. He managed to bring me choice and characters above my expectations. (November 6, 2011, Eric was Ardian’s client)

Eric Will – Director @ Freelance

Very experienced guy with fresh and deep look for a new things, that can bring many interesting things to any project he will take care of.(July 23, 2015, Dmitriy worked directly with Ardian at INFIPLAY)

Dmitriy Khoriev – CIS eSports Partnerships Specialist @ G2A.com

Adrian is the creative driving force behind the very successful production company Entermedia. He is an incredibly driven creative with a paramount attention to detail. He has a great knowledge of technology and traditional storytelling, combining both to create cleaver and interesting advertising!(December 6, 2011, Bes was with another company when working with Ardian at Entermedia Creative Agency)

Bes Bujupi – Senior Art Director @AKQA